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RV Insurance

Cross country road trips can be one of the best ways to explore the wonders that the world has to offer. There is no better way to experience a road trip than packing up and RV and hitting the road. The journey through miles of pavement come with the same risks and liabilities as your commute to work or a leisurely Sunday drive. However, unlike driving down the street in your car, an RV comes with unique liabilities that could stop your road trip short. That is why RV owners should acquire an RV insurance policy that can protect against these unique liabilities and risks.

RV Insurance Policies

Owning an RV is a fun way to experience the open road, but they do not come without potential risks. Having RV insurance can help keep you are financially prepared for whatever situation comes your way. Learn more about what RV insurance covers below.

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Total Loss Replacement

With total loss replacement, a policyholder may receive the full replacement value on an RV if a loss occurs within the first five model years. Keep in mind, however, that unlike standard auto insurance, RV coverage has higher liability thresholds and the policy may be suspended while your RV is in storage.

Replacement Cost Personal Effects

Replacement cost personal effects coverage helps pay for the replacement of covered personal property in your RV following an incident. This covers items such as clothing, jewelry, or other personal items lost at the time of an accident.

Vacation Liability

Vacation liability provides protection if an RV accident occurs on the premises while it is being used as a temporary residence. When using an RV as a place of residence, it’s vital you feel safe. Vacation liability allows a policyholder to avoid the worry of feeling stranded in the aftermath of an accident.

Emergency Expense Coverage

If your RV is found to be no longer inhabitable, emergency expense coverage may cover a variety of expenses, such as emergency living facilities. This allows for a sense of security while waiting for your RV to be repaired. This coverage may also contain expenses for food needs.

Special Windshield Deductible

Having proper visibility on your trip is necessary. JMG values the protection of your RV windshield, and prioritizes it in our coverage. With special windshield deductible coverage, you are not charged for RV windshield repair and charged a nominal fee for RV windshield replacement.

RV Medical Payments Coverage

While no one intends on getting into an accident, they do happen. Being prepared for anything can make a big difference in the aftermath of a collision. Medical payments coverage can help pay for medical expenses if you or a passenger becomes injured in a vehicle accident, regardless of who is at fault.

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