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Leasing a Home

Renters Insurance

In today’s age, more people are choosing to rent a home or apartment rather than buying. While renting eliminates a considerable amount of liabilities that come with owning a home, there are still risks and liabilities that come with renting. Without proper coverage, you may be liable for repaying the landlord for damages done to the property or may be held liable for injuries that occur while on the rental property. Before signing a lease, make sure to speak with the renters insurance agents at Insure Beacon to learn more about what coverage you may need.

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Coverage Options

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire is a dangerous and unforgiving element. It is common for renter’s insurance policies to include fire coverage. With fire coverage, you can receive a payout to replace your destroyed belongings. Damage to your belongings from smoke may be covered by renter’s insurance. Smoke damage may be caused by a fire in your apartment, or from a nearby apartment fire. When the proper insurance is in place, renters are protected from dangerous costs resulting from the damage.

Water Damage

Water damage has the potential to greatly damage a home with just an inch of water. Renters can rest easy knowing they’re protected with the proper coverage. Renter’s insurance protects personal belongings that are damaged by water, such as from a leak in the roof or a burst pipe.

Wind Damage

Strong storms bring along strong winds. These strong winds have the potential to wreak havoc on your rental property. If a windstorm or strong gusts cause damage to your possessions, a renter’s insurance policy may cover the cost to repair or replace these items. Don’t let the storm blow away your safety, protect your dwelling today.


While no one thinks they’ll be subject to vandalism, it happens more commonly than you’d think. Renter’s insurance policies generally cover vandalism–intentional destruction of personal property–against a renter’s personal property. This policy helps to provide a sense of ease, even in the face of vandalism.

Theft & Burglary

Being prepared in the event of theft can help to mitigate fallout afterwards. If your apartment or home is burglarized, renter’s insurance may cover the possessions that were stolen after you pay your deductible. This will provide an easier process to the policyholder replacing their stolen items.

Injuries to Visitors

Injuries on your property can lead to costly medical or settlement fees. If you’re worried about injuries on your property, renter’s insurance can grant you peace of mind. If a renter is found responsible for an injury suffered by a visitor on the premises, renter’s insurance coverage may cover any associated expenses.

Third-Party Property Damage

If a third party’s personal belongings become damaged while in your home or apartment and it falls under a covered peril, renter’s insurance may provide repair or replacement. This coverage area lends a helping hand in the process, and reduces the level of stress or worry the parties may feel.






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