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Life Insurance

The loss of a loved one is devastating, and even more so when it’s unexpected. Not only are you left to deal with the emotional grief, but you also have to think about funeral arrangements and the loss of income that could have long-term repercussions on your family. While no one wants to think about these potential losses, it is vital that you consider acquiring a life insurance policy in order to protect the future of your family for years to come.

30% of U.S. Households Don’t Have a Life Insurance Policy

Benefits Of Acquiring A Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance can:

  • Relieve debt

  • Replace lost income

  • Maintain housing expenses

  • Finance your children’s education

So many households don’t think they can afford a life insurance policy, but the truth is it’s more likely that you can’t afford not to have one.

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Types Of Policies

At an independent agency like ours, clients can choose from a number of different policies. A permanent plan like whole life comes with a higher premium, but it features perks like cash value. Temporary plans are flexible and affordable, giving you options now while you plan for something more permanent down the road. An agent can work with you to discuss your expectations and budget, but you can generally expect to choose from the following life insurance policies:

Term Life Policy

Acting as a unique type of insurance, a term life insurance policy provides coverage for a certain period of time. Time periods are within a 5-30 year range, and covers unexpected death. It is important to note that coverage is only designated within the certain time period selected.

Whole Life Policy

A whole life policy covers the entire life of the policyholder. As time goes on, the cash value of a whole life policy will increase. This policy is also tax-deferred, and has fixed premiums that do not fluctuate over time. Policyholders and beneficiaries are able to complete financial planning in a more efficient manner with this policy.

Variable Life Policy

Acting as a permanent life insurance policy, variable life insurance also includes an investment component. This policy holds a cash-value account, and is invested into sub-accounts. A variable life policy allows for financial growth within those sub-accounts, and fluctuates as the market goes up and down.

Universal Life Policy

When a policyholder holds a universal life policy, they are able to make changes as they arise within their lives. In the event of a medical emergency or a sudden job loss, this policy allows for easy change. A whole life policy allows policyholders to know they’re covered completely and effectively.

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