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Flood Insurance

The safety of your home structure and belongings within shouldn’t come as a second thought. While most homeowners’ insurance policies will help to cover your home in the event of natural disasters, floods are commonly left out. Flooding is the most common natural disaster, and only an inch of flooded water can create immense damage. To protect your home against dangerous flooding, homeowners can acquire a personal flood insurance policy.

Depending on your locale, you may require a different level of flood insurance than others. At Insure Beacon, we will assess your unique needs and suggest the best coverage option for you. Storms can bring along with them fear and damage. When you have the proper insurance coverage in place, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

What Policy Does A Homeowner Need?

Depending on the location of your home, the level of coverage may differ. Homes in different localities are subject to more storms or flooding, and thus need more coverage. So, what type of personal flood insurance does a homeowner need?

Personal Flood Insurance

Offering additional protection to the structure of your building and the contents within, a personal flood insurance policy is the premier option for homeowners. This policy is able to provide a sense of security and protection in the event of a flood. This type of policy is offered by for-profit companies, and they generally rely on a reinsurer or the money collected from premiums to cover losses.

Since the NFIP policy has a 30-day wait time requirement for commercial flood insurance policies, a private policy tends to have shorter waiting times for clients. This policy can be more comprehensive as well, and will often come with higher limits for the building. A personal flood insurance policy will help to cover a property, whether it be commercial or residential, at its replacement cost without deducting depreciation.


Areas Of Coverage

When searching for a well-fitting personal flood insurance policy, it’s important to know what it actually covers. These policies commonly hold two main areas of coverage, building and contents coverage. Check out what this coverage entails:

Building Coverage

Heavy storms can mean heavy damage. This damage has the potential to seriously harm the structural integrity of your home. When homeowners have a personal flood insurance policy in place, the building coverage of the policy helps to cover any damage done to the physical building itself. Damage done to the foundation, electrical or plumbing systems, HVAC equipment, flooring, any built-in appliances or blinds and walls. A personal policy will help to pay for the damage, and ensure the homeowner doesn’t fall to the costs.

Contents Coverage

When operating an ATV, accidents and injuries are bound to happen. Bodily injury coverage will help a policyholder in the event of an accident that results in bodily injury. If someone is injured in an accident associated with your ATV, bodily injury liability coverage may pay for any damages and legal fees.

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